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Hyped #13

Up first for a very belated Hyped #13, is Fergus & Geronimo, a band that have been flirting with the radar for some time now. Picked up by the ever present Transparent gents, they make noisy, fuzzed up, texan guitar music. If you like bands like The Mantles, The Bitters or even stuff that has broken through like Strange Boys or Black Lips you should like this. They are in town (London Town) this July, so make sure you get down to see for yourself.

Fergus & Geronimo

We have (yet another one man) band up next with Ohio's Brothertiger and his spaced beats, blissed cuts and lush vocals. I cant profess to knowing a great deal about this young chap but it would seem he is up and coming at a great time for this sort of music. Its early days, but definitely one to keep an eye on. There is what looks like a self released EP out called Vision Tunnels, so check out the myspace below.


Check out their myspace below, they could be one for the future if this is anything to go by.


Monday, 19 April 2010

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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Hyped #12

Its Hyped #12 and and we kick off with Cali outfit Bye Bye Blackbird. Sitting somewhere in between Toro Y Moi and Small Black, BBB make floating, lofty electronic pop music. The hype machine hasn't quite kicked off fully yet but god its going to and quite rightly so. Their stand out track is 'So Sorry Girl', which is almost effortlessly cool and showers you with perfect polished tight bleeps, sharp drums and soft synths, alongside a great vocal. Check the link below to download their debut 4 track 'Happy High' EP over at bandcamp.

Bye Bye Blackbird

<a href="">So Sorry, Girl by Bye Bye Blackbird</a>

Nobody can argue that it isn't an extraordinary time for US music right now, with so so many great bands and outfits coming thick and fast on a weekly basis. Best Coast, Washed Out, Weed Diamond, Rainbow Arabia, the list goes on and on - so where does the UK fit in to this? Trailing very slightly behind, I would suggest and mainly on the electronic pop front. Cue London based outfit Treasure who might just be the act to go shoulder to shoulder with the US and up the cool stakes for good old blighty. Check them out below in all their glory.


Up last for this round of Hyped is a band that I first caught on Gorilla vs Bear a month or so ago. Gauntlet Hair have been on the stereo and in my record bag ever since and I always get an overwhelming response to the immaculate, stuttering, experimental masterpiece single - 'I Was Thinking...'. GVB certainly like the Colorado duo too, in fact so much so that they have decided to release it on their Forest Family Records label with a limited 7" pre-order coming soon.

Gauntlet Hair

Free Download - Gauntlet Hair : I Was Thinking…

Best Coast New Video

Super fan alert.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Hyped #11

Another round of hyped starting with San Francisco outfit - oOoOO. Im struggling to put into words how dramatic this music is and how polished oOoOO sound already. In my usual way, im just going to lay it out in 'sound likes' for you - think the XX, meets the Knife, meets the Scarface sound track and you are just about there. Its layer upon layer of epic sound scapes, deep dark slurred vocals, long drawned out distorted synth and perfectly paced drums. Check out the video below and their myspace, 3 or 4 strong tracks already up - very excited about this band. Limited 7 out now too.


The US lo-fi/garage scene is larger than ever at the moment and is producing a massive amount of great bands, weed diamond, best coast, etc , etc. So heres another one for you - Slow Animal. Loud, brash, lazy and largely out of time and pitch but brilliant. Slow Animal are yet another band to come out of the New Jersey area and they make unapologetic rash rock and roll but with a twist I think. They sound like a band that know exactly what they want to sound like, through their own taste and not through any sort of mimicking. There are so many of these bands, but its the little touches, the little keyboard parts and backing vocals that some how make Slow Animal still sound fresh and exciting. Anyway, decide for yourself.

Slow Animal

Im not even sure how the MP3 of Headless by Tearist came to be in my itunes to be honest. All I know is that it came on one day randomly and ive probably played it everyday from that fortunate moment. I have since found it here, so you can discover the addiction for yourself. Musically the vocals are unique, the percussion is outrageous and the synth rushes in and out, over and over until your head spins. They have more over at their myspace so check them out below and also the pretty rough live video featuring Headless.


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